Hunt a Haiku Challenge

For a keen observer your face is the mirror, through which he can see the love or hate you hold within. No matter how much you hide your face with the external makeup the sorrows of the heart, the pain of the past will clearly reflect on your face.

As an unknown poet quoted “Your eyes shows the strength of the soul”.

There are 21 expressions a human face can expresss. When some time we fall short of words, these expressions completes the conversation.

  • A rolling tear of a mother after seeing his son after a long time, express her happiness without the words.
  • A shying smile of the bride on a wedding day.
  • A frown the face of a father when you first introduce your boyfriend or girlfriend to him.
  • A happy face of a kid on getting a candy from the candy shop after school.
  • A sad face of a fan sitting silently on a chair when a team he supports looses a match.
  • An angry face of old man shouting on an officer in the bank for his pension clearance.

Your face and expression can say a lot than our words can.


Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #04




Sea and Me

I belong to the south coast of Karnataka, in India, which means sea and beaches are the part of our life. It is bit difficult for me to explain and bit difficult for others to understand the connection that one can have with the deep blue sea and its waves.

In my early days we often use to visit this place only with family and friends but never had that connection. For me it was just a sea to have fun and the sand of the beach to play with.

But as I started growing old my perspective changed towards this place and I started enjoying going to this place all alone. Sometimes due choice and sometimes due to no options. You known how things change when we start growing most of the time\n friends get separated for various reasons and sometimes you just want to be alone and away from the daily routines.

That is how I discovered the connection between this sea and me when one weekend, tired of too many thoughts about the future, career and other things. I went alone to the beach it was evening of winter and the breeze was at it’s best I allocated my place bit far on the stone from the crowd. I thought I was alone and started thinking about my worries the more I went in-depth of my worries the sound of the sea waves started increasing and after some time I felt a strange connection between sea and my mind without the words. That day when I got up after few hours watching the sea waves the feeling I had been exactly the same that you feel when you have a long discussion with someone.

I didn’t speak a word and I didn’t hear any words, there was only the sound of the breeze and the waves but still felt like I spoke about my thoughts in my mind and those breezes and the waves had acknowledged that thought on my mind.

And now theses waves at this beach had become so familiar that almost every weekend I go to this beach and have a conversation with these waves with some hot cone or cup of a coffee. Sometimes it reciprocates and sometimes it silently acknowledges to my thoughts.  Sea inspires to deal with the ups and downs of the life the way its deals with the Tides in them.

Not sure its real or just my imagination, whatever it may be but I had felt the connection with this place called “Malpe Beach“.