The world is one family

The Be a Baby Challenge

The task is to see something with a fresh new perspective, giving a baby step and exploring its new perception and dimension with engaging thoughts. So I choose a concept Cast and religion. Babies are curious and their minds are filled with endless questions in that way they learn new things. Hence this content is more of questions than explanation.

I see some pray sitting on a bench, some pray bending their knees, some pray sitting on the floor. Some pray on Sunday’s, some on Friday’s, and some on other days. Whom we are really trying to convince?

Are we all are trying to convince God in different ways and forms? then why there is a debate last week on television about how’s method is right and how’s method is wrong? If everybody believes in equality and peace, then why there was a riot yesterday in my neighboring city?

A tall man in a white gown said read his book, A man with thick and long beard said read this book, And last month a monk in saffron came to our house and said read his book. If all the path leads to almighty than why there is debate and fight to which path to follow. How does it matter whether you are eating in a wooden plate, clay plate or a steel plate when your ultimate goal is to have food.

Can’t we make it simple by breaking the barrier of caste, creed and religion? Let’s there be only one religion of humanity and every body belong to one caste and that is peace. No complex philosophy, no false pride that burns someones feelings.
One world, One religion, which will make these earth more peaceful.

“The world is one family”

IBMC #09: The Be a Baby Challenge