Hunt a Haiku Challenge

For a keen observer your face is the mirror, through which he can see the love or hate you hold within. No matter how much you hide your face with the external makeup the sorrows of the heart, the pain of the past will clearly reflect on your face.

As an unknown poet quoted “Your eyes shows the strength of the soul”.

There are 21 expressions a human face can expresss. When some time we fall short of words, these expressions completes the conversation.

  • A rolling tear of a mother after seeing his son after a long time, express her happiness without the words.
  • A shying smile of the bride on a wedding day.
  • A frown the face of a father when you first introduce your boyfriend or girlfriend to him.
  • A happy face of a kid on getting a candy from the candy shop after school.
  • A sad face of a fan sitting silently on a chair when a team he supports looses a match.
  • An angry face of old man shouting on an officer in the bank for his pension clearance.

Your face and expression can say a lot than our words can.


Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #04



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