Micro Management

What is it?

When an owner or the manager of the organisation constantly keeps excessive control and attention detail to the works of subordinates or employees known as “Micro Management”.

Who does that?

A  manager with negative mind-set and lack of trust, self-confidence, and fear of others achievements.

  • How wants to be a decision maker all the time (even if it is moving the desktop from one place to another).
  • Gets too involved in the daily works of employee and their personal life.
  • Never appreciate the team or subordinates.
  • Wants the subordinates to follow “do it as I say approach”.
  • Asking unrelated questions or updates at uncertain times just to show the superiority.
  • Give a lot of attention to the unnecessary details of the work.
  • Finds correcting others fun


  • Low morale in employee.
  • High employee turnover.
  • Employees tend to depend more on the manager .
  • Less productivity.
  • Less creativity in the organisation.
  • Employees lose the trust in the manager.
  • Job dissatisfaction among employees.
  • No scope of learning for employees.

How to avoid:

“Micromanage the process, not the people”.



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